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TNTDS is a registered indian NGO that is protecting and promoting the human rights. It is fighting against all forms of violence against the Indigenous Peoples, Women and Children. Grounded on this interest it has shaped its vision, mission and goal. They are:

Vision: Our Vision is for a world where there the Indigenous Peoples are recognized and respected; free to live on their own traditional lands, enjoy their forests and safe from violence, oppression and exploitation.

Mission: To evaluate the present situation of the Indigenous peoples and high light them to ascertain the rights over their territories, institutions and opportunities.

Goal: The fundamental rights of the indigenous Peoples violations are widespread. But the UN Declaration acknowledges the rights of the indigenous peoples. In this direction it is needed to identify the threats and to be stopped.
Our History
Tamil Nadu tribal Development came into existence in the year 1986. Ms. A. Kalai Selvi, a tribal woman leader and Mr. c. Arokia Dass, a Dalit activist, both realized the extent of marginalization, deprivation and exploitation and came forward to assist their fellowmen. In the beginning it was a small initiative to identify the discrimination to target communities and made study on them in 80s. At the same time it identified dedicated youth volunteers from indigenous and Dalit communities to improve literacy rates. Also it trained a large number of community Health Volunteers (CHVs) to provide primary health care and health education to the under served.

In the 90s, it took stock of increasing violence against Indigenous peoples and Dalits. So, it built the capacity of the Indigenous leaders to create awareness in the community too reduce violent instances. On the other hand it studied the rights of the indigenous peoples to their traditional lands and forests and Dalits to their destitute lands given by the British rulers both of them were either encroached or taken away by the modern society.

Since 2006, following the Un Declaration of rights on the indigenous peoples TNTDS rallies behind it through public awareness campaigns. On the part of the Dalits, the untouchables of the Indian society or like ones of apartheid, TNTDS strives to protect their rights.

Along side, TNTDS is educating, organizing the target people, capacitating the leaders and building alliance with like minded forces.
Our Beliefs
We believe that Capacity building and involving the target people in action brings them experience. With the gained experience further action leads to consciousness. Conscious action further develops the critical consciousness which leads to change.

We believe in influencing public-policy and resource allocation decisions in the socio economic system motivated from moral, ethical and cultural principles to obtain the Indigenous Rights ensured in the UN Declarations, Constitution of the country and its laws.

We also believe that while striving for this destiny the people have the immediate needs that are for survival. Sustainable development, mutual sharing and capacity developing are to go hand in hand.

Quick Info
TNTDS was founded by Ms. A. Kalai Selvi, an Indigenous woman and Mr. C. Arokia Dass, a Dalit activist in the year 1986
Our vision is for a world where indigenous Peoples are recognized and respected; free to live on their own lands, safe from violence, oppression and exploitation.
Our Mission is to protect and promote the Rights of the Indigenous People through education, capacity building, organization and Collective Action.
TNTDS deploys the strategy of educate, organize and agitate to gain dignity for the Dalits.